St John, Minskip

P6040018The smallest of the five communities in the Parish, Minskip is a linear village on the road to Knaresborough and Harrogate. St John’s Church Minskip, began life as a Wesleyan Chapel in the Aldborough Parish around 1857.  In 1858 the Church became the infants school for the village. By 1907 the Church was a Mission Church.

Jubilee MiMinskip Church holds a variety of events throughout the year, including  a midsummer BBQ and village party, wine tasting in the village hall, and a popular Christmas party where Father Christmas makes a very special appearance.

Minskip has quite an interesting history. Roman remains have been found here. In the 11th century a gibbet was one method used to keep locals in order. The rampaging Scots ransacked the village after their victory at Bannockburn in 1314. Blind Jack Metcalfe of Knaresbrough built his first ‘Turnpike’ road from this village to Knaresbrough in 1765. The Harrogate – Newcastle stagecoaches went through Minskip.

P9270004A small chapel was built for Wesleyans in 1857 (subsequently a Catholic Chapel and now a private house). A commentator in 1909 noted, ‘Minskip, a plain red-bricked village, contains several evidences of antiquity’. In the 1960’s the Cundall farm bred thousands of pheasants. In the mid 1960’s pheasants, mushrooms and prize goats were Minskip specialities.

There are various thoughts on how the name Minskip came about – possibly from the manufacture of willow skips for the mines, or maybe it is of Nordic origin.


Minskip Cattery has recently opened and Minskip Farm Shop is very popular amongst locals, selling locally grown fruit, vegetables, meat and treats. The Village Hall, managed by an annually elected committee has recently undergone refurbishment.