Worship for Sunday 26th April

Dear friends,

I am attaching the text for this week’s worship and the reflection to read along side it.

order of service for Easter 2 2020

Easter 2 Reflection The Road to Emmaus 2020

I am afraid we have had technical issues regarding the recording this week, but we will plan to do as much as possible via zoom and YouTube for those who will find that helpful over the coming weeks. Apologies for this – we will just have to imagine one another singing in our homes this time!

Here is a link for something called “Bible Chat Mat” which children and grandchildren may be interested in colouring during or after worship. As you can see it is not just an ordinary colouring activity! It includes all kinds of visual prompts and questions to help young people to reflect meaningfully on the story. This week’s Bible Chat Mat is based on the Easter story.


Warmest wishes and every blessing,


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