Worship & Notices for Sunday 16th August

Dear friends,

I hope you have had a good weekend. Here is the YouTube video for this morning’s service.

There are also a number of important notices…

  • This evening’s service (6pm at St James) reflects on how we engage with, and co-operate with, God.
  • Morning prayer next week will take place on Monday via Zoom at 9.30am and Friday at St Mary’s Dunsforth at 9am.
  • Next Sunday’s 10am service at St Andrews will be taken by Rev Marjorie Warner, and evensong at St James at 6pm will be taken by Rev Wilf Gowing.
  • In a fortnight (30th August at 10am) we will be having an open air communion service on Roecliffe Village Green to which all are welcome. There will be hand sanitizers for you to use as you join and leave the service (though you may wish to bring your own as well). Please bring your own seating with you, and a plate on which I can place the communion wafers for your household. You will be asked to sit with your household keeping good social distance from other groups please.┬áDuring the prayer of consecration, the bread will remain covered to ensure safety.┬áDirectly prior to the distribution I will sanitize my hands and will wear a mask as I distribute the bread ( the wine cannot be distributed at the moment). As this service is outside and we are planning optimum social distancing, masks are not obligatory for the congregation, though of course please wear a mask if you wish. Current advice states that if you do wear a mask, it is advisable to sanitize your hands before and after removing and replacing masks. There are plans to provide some undercover shelter via gazebos should the weather be less than ideal.
  • Questionnaire. Thank you to all those who have completed these – it has been very helpful to have a sense of the different thoughts and feelings people have about worship over the coming months, and please be assured that we will do our best to provide a “mixed economy” that meets as wide a spectrum of needs and hopes as possible. If you have been meaning to send me your questionnaire, I am still happy to accept them.
  • Virtual Summer Concert – this may be more of an early autumn concert! Please send me the recordings of your contributions as soon as is convenient – and thank you those who have already done so!

Love to you all,