Forest Church, 2nd Sunday of each month

New this Year! Second Sunday of each month at 4pm, outside St Mary’s Church, Lower Dunsforth.

Forest Church is a meeting which takes place outside to worship God, and which takes account of the seasons and the outside space. It meets outside at all times of year (so you need to dress appropriately) and aims to help people connect with God as the creator and carer of the natural world. Forest Church helps us to connect with God by reminding us of our own interconnectedness with the whole of creation including one another.

Forest Church will include singing and simple prayers and readings and will last around half an hour in the winter months. It will also include practical activities – looking, listening, making and engaging.
Forest Church might appeal if you:

• Sometimes feel that you feel closer to God on a walk or in the garden than you do in a Church building.

• Sometimes find you don’t relate or that you “switch off” in a traditional Church service.

• Are young (or any age!) and don’t like sitting still, but feel more comfortable doing something. Forest Church is suitable for everyone from babies upwards, as it is possible to wander around while taking part and it is very interactive.

• Relate strongly to environmental concerns.

• Would like to engage in something spiritual in a less structured setting.

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