Worship & Notices for Sunday 16th August

Dear friends,

I hope you have had a good weekend. Here is the YouTube video for this morning’s service.

There are also a number of important notices…

  • This evening’s service (6pm at St James) reflects on how we engage with, and co-operate with, God.
  • Morning prayer next week will take place on Monday via Zoom at 9.30am and Friday at St Mary’s Dunsforth at 9am.
  • Next Sunday’s 10am service at St Andrews will be taken by Rev Marjorie Warner, and evensong at St James at 6pm will be taken by Rev Wilf Gowing.
  • In a fortnight (30th August at 10am) we will be having an open air communion service on Roecliffe Village Green to which all are welcome. There will be hand sanitizers for you to use as you join and leave the service (though you may wish to bring your own as well). Please bring your own seating with you, and a plate on which I can place the communion wafers for your household. You will be asked to sit with your household keeping good social distance from other groups please. During the prayer of consecration, the bread will remain covered to ensure safety. Directly prior to the distribution I will sanitize my hands and will wear a mask as I distribute the bread ( the wine cannot be distributed at the moment). As this service is outside and we are planning optimum social distancing, masks are not obligatory for the congregation, though of course please wear a mask if you wish. Current advice states that if you do wear a mask, it is advisable to sanitize your hands before and after removing and replacing masks. There are plans to provide some undercover shelter via gazebos should the weather be less than ideal.
  • Questionnaire. Thank you to all those who have completed these – it has been very helpful to have a sense of the different thoughts and feelings people have about worship over the coming months, and please be assured that we will do our best to provide a “mixed economy” that meets as wide a spectrum of needs and hopes as possible. If you have been meaning to send me your questionnaire, I am still happy to accept them.
  • Virtual Summer Concert – this may be more of an early autumn concert! Please send me the recordings of your contributions as soon as is convenient – and thank you those who have already done so!

Love to you all,


Worship for Sunday 5th July 2020

Choral Matins this week – comprising John and a mystery singer – plus a sermon from Marjorie


Just press ‘play all’ and the sequence of videos should play automatically. For some reason, Marjorie’s sermon just wouldn’t convert into the right format, so her two draft videos have been added to the end – after the last hymn.

Here is the order of service:  Trinity_4_2020

All-Age Worship for Sunday 28th June

Dear friends,

Here is your link for Sunday’s service which we will follow together at 10am or when you are able:

The order for you to follow with the hymns is here:

Year A Proper 8 All Age Welcoming all

You will see that we are following an all age format this week, and there is an opportunity for you to pause the video in the middle and think about something creatively. If you would like to share any poems or art work that you create in response to this, that would be lovely – just send it to me or share directly with the group.

We continue to live in strange times, and as some restrictions are lifted this does not cease to be the case. We are, perhaps, in more diverse places than we have yet found ourselves in this crisis, with some trying to responsibly enjoy more freedoms, whilst others know that they need to stay at home for some time longer. in this service you are encouraged to think about how we can continue to support and respect every single person in our Church community and share Christ’s love as we commit to continuing to worshipping God in many different ways.

I am aware that I mention in this service that some of us may be returning to Church in the next few weeks, and I should let you know that our Churchwardens and I are working together to consider how we can safely and carefully make some of our Church buildings available again, whilst ensuring at the same time that those of you who will continue to be worshipping from home for the foreseeable future will continue to be supported and be enabled to join in worship with us from your own homes. We are hoping to be able to move forward with these developments from the middle of next month and we will of course keep you informed. Please do keep us in your prayers as we carefully navigate these next steps.


John has just noticed that the text of the intercessions is not in the text for the service as it should be (they are in the video though)

If you would like the text for the prayers, they are available here:

Confession and Intercessions

With apologies, and thanks to John for putting them together,


Aldborough Festival Service 21st June 2020

Dear friends,

This Sunday’s service was originally planned to be part of the programme of the Northern Aldborough Festival 2020. Sadly, of course, the festival had to be cancelled this year. Nevertheless, it felt important to mark the importance that music plays in our corporate lives, and so we are delighted to be able to share this act of worship with you today which includes music by Elgar, Dyson, Rutter, Williams, Lindley and Thorne, and which is kindly recorded for us for this weekend by some wonderful musicians from this County and from Norwich Cathedral. We are also delighted that Canon Barry from Ripon Cathedral is our preacher. We hope you will join us as we celebrate the benefits of music to our souls, and as we pray for, and support all musicians at this time.

The link is here:


The order of service is included here, as is the text of Canon Barry’s sermon:

Aldborough Festival service order 2020

Alborough Festival sermon 2020 Canon Barry

Individuals have not been named in our prayers this Sunday, but please be assured you are continuing to be prayed for, and those who ask will be included in our zoom morning prayers on Monday at 9am, to which all are welcome.

Warmest wishes to all,


Worship for Sunday 14th June

Dear St Raphael friends,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend – especially now the sun has returned!

The link for your service for Trinity 2 is here


I have attached an order of service which you might like to use for the words of the hymns – Trinity 2 Faith-filled lives and, for those without access to YouTube, a summary of the interview with Margaret Crawford – Year A Trinity 2 Interview with MC (2)

I was delighted to be able to chat to Margaret this week about her work as the Branch leader of the Mother’s Union, and I am sure you will all enjoy listening to her.

I am also grateful to Logan and Austen from Aldborough, who provide the accompaniment to one of our hymns on the bagpipes.

With love to you all,