The Advent Calendar at Christmas

Many folk say that Christmas starts with the service from King’s College, Cambridge. Now we have a new tradition: Christmas starts with opening the last windows on the on-line Advent Calendar – found at

A very happy Christmas to everyone – from the folk at Boroughbridge Churches

Advent Calendar – Advent 4

And here’s the fourth set of windows to open on our Parish Advent Calendar as we look forward to the coming of Christ through the readings in Luke’s Gospel.
Of course, there are more prosaic things. Which church stars this week, and will John’s lips finally sync with his words? There’s only one way to find out!
Look on Christmas Eve for the Christmas reading!

Advent Calendar – Advent 3

You can add some sparkle (okay, maybe just a little twinkle🌟) to your Advent by watching this week’s on-line Advent Calendar, and that includes some Advent mirth watching the sound synchronisation on the opening piece – it all adds to the fun! 🙂

Advent Calendar

Christmas is coming! Our Advent Calendar – with parishioners and their families reading Luke’s narrative leading up to the birth of Jesus has arrived in time for Advent Sunday! Open the first window at:

Choral Evensong for Trinity Sunday – Sunday, 7th June

The YouTube video for today’s worship:
It’s a single video not linked to any playlist, although there a number of options for choral Evensong:
Choral Evensong from St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Warwick:
on BBC Radio 3 on 3 p.m. Sunday, 7th June 2020
Also available on BBC Sounds & the BBC Choral Evensong website
This is the suggestion I have made to those of us without internet
Festal Evensong for Trinity Sunday from Clare College, Cambridge:
Ripon Cathedral:

Worship for Sunday, 19th April 2020 – introduction

St Raphael’s Congregation

Easter Pilgrimage 2020


This service is an Easter pilgrimage of the imagination around church – any church, but most likely your local church building, as together in words and music and action, we celebrate the new life in Christ that flows from his resurrection.

The service focuses around four ‘stations’: the Paschal Candle, the Easter garden, the Font, and the Altar, and has a reading and a hymn for each.  As we are not able to visit church in person, some people might find it useful to focus on visual symbols representing each of these: a candle, some flowers, some water, some bread and wine, or a white linen cloth, for example.  These could be real or images on your computer or in a book.

In the order of service there are links to hymns on the YouTube website – clearly, these only work if you are on your computer and connected to the internet!  I apologise in advance if any advertisements come first – though you can normally skip them after a couple of seconds.  If have a paper version of the order of service, feel free to sing loud and unaccompanied! – and if not, do treat the hymn as poems – which, of course, they are.

Common Worship: Times and Seasons, material from which is included in this service, is copyright © The Archbishops’ Council 2006.

Copyright on video and music clips referenced is covered by YouTube.

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