Worship for Sunday 17th May

Dear friends,

As you know you have a choice of two main services this week.

Your Sunday morning service can be found here, and you can watch it anytime you like.  Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrj2nJjRcOA. It is a shorter service, with more reflection and you don’t need printed responses for this one, so just sit back and let it wash over you. You might enjoy seeing some inside views of our Churches this week, and hearing them being prayed in.

The Zoom Pet service is at 4pm on Sunday and you already have the details to join that – again, you don’t need anything printed for this. Please be prompt as this service, of course, is live so we will see one another in real time. I am sure this will be an exciting event for all – you are welcome to join whether or not you have pets!

With love and prayers,


VE Day Thanksgiving, 8th May

Dear Friends,

I hope you are able to enjoy the VE Day celebrations – the weather looks as though it is going to be great!

We have been encouraging people to go out into their gardens and sing! Here is the song sheet again https://boroughbridgechurches.uk/wp-content/uploads/VE_Day_songsheet.pdf

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you might want to take tea and cakes outside and wear red white and blue. “Stray Ferret”, the Harrogate online newspaper is going to be exploring Boroughbridge and our local villages, so keep an eye out for their reporter and give them a wave!

We are suggesting people might like to follow the short VE anniversary service at about 10.50am, leading into the two minutes silence. Here is the service sheet:  VE Day 75th Anniversary

The link to the video with prayers is here


Apologies that it is not livestreamed as originally promised, but it does feature some of your decorated houses!

If you would like to follow a printed copy, it is attached, but this service will work just as well without.

Do let us know how you have marked the day, and feel free to send photos or videos!

With love,


Worship for Sunday 3rd May

Good evening everyone,

Here is your YouTube link for tomorrow morning’s 10am service, which is based on “The Good Shepherd”


This is our first attempt at video editing, so for the first time you will be able to see both John and I in the service from our respective homes. Please excuse the “clunkiness” – this is a very steep learning curve!

I hope you will enjoy the pictures at the beginning of the video of the Good Shepherd window at St Andrews, and all Penny Denny’s lovely lambs and sheep at her farm – thank you Penny, for bring the subject to life for us with these wonderful images of new life and hope.

I am including below both John’s script for his talk, and the order of service (complete with sheep photos!) for you to print out and follow along with the service.

order of service for Easter 3 2020 Good shepherd sunday

John Moss, sermon for 4th of Easter 2020

With love to you all,


Worship for Sunday 26th April

Dear friends,

I am attaching the text for this week’s worship and the reflection to read along side it.

order of service for Easter 2 2020

Easter 2 Reflection The Road to Emmaus 2020

I am afraid we have had technical issues regarding the recording this week, but we will plan to do as much as possible via zoom and YouTube for those who will find that helpful over the coming weeks. Apologies for this – we will just have to imagine one another singing in our homes this time!

Here is a link for something called “Bible Chat Mat” which children and grandchildren may be interested in colouring during or after worship. As you can see it is not just an ordinary colouring activity! It includes all kinds of visual prompts and questions to help young people to reflect meaningfully on the story. This week’s Bible Chat Mat is based on the Easter story.


Warmest wishes and every blessing,


Worship for Sunday, 19th April 2020 – introduction

St Raphael’s Congregation

Easter Pilgrimage 2020


This service is an Easter pilgrimage of the imagination around church – any church, but most likely your local church building, as together in words and music and action, we celebrate the new life in Christ that flows from his resurrection.

The service focuses around four ‘stations’: the Paschal Candle, the Easter garden, the Font, and the Altar, and has a reading and a hymn for each.  As we are not able to visit church in person, some people might find it useful to focus on visual symbols representing each of these: a candle, some flowers, some water, some bread and wine, or a white linen cloth, for example.  These could be real or images on your computer or in a book.

In the order of service there are links to hymns on the YouTube website – clearly, these only work if you are on your computer and connected to the internet!  I apologise in advance if any advertisements come first – though you can normally skip them after a couple of seconds.  If have a paper version of the order of service, feel free to sing loud and unaccompanied! – and if not, do treat the hymn as poems – which, of course, they are.

Common Worship: Times and Seasons, material from which is included in this service, is copyright © The Archbishops’ Council 2006.

Copyright on video and music clips referenced is covered by YouTube.

CCL Licence 526387

Worship for Easter Sunday – 12th April

Dear St Raphael’s friends,

A very happy Easter to you!

I hope you are planning to be in good voice as there will be lots of singing in this week’s service. The link to the YouTube video (taken in our garden!) is below…….you might want to join in the service in your own gardens too? As usual we will aim to worship at 10am altogether where we can, using the video and order of service: order of service for Easter Sunday 2020

Here is the reflection, for those of you who can’t easily access YouTube: Easter reflection 2020



With Easter blessings to you all and love and prayers to you and all those you love,